Challenge Coin


John Foley Inc. proudly introduces our exclusive challenge coins, symbolizing unity, achievement, and gratitude. These coins embody the essence of our partnerships and the relentless pursuit of excellence, drawing inspiration from John “Gucci” Foley’s legacy with the Blue Angels.

Historically, challenge coins originated in the military as markers of identity and camaraderie, used to recognize achievements and strengthen bonds within units. Today, they are tokens of appreciation across various sectors, celebrating significant accomplishments and shared commitments.

Each John Foley Inc. challenge coin is a token of recognition, designed to honor the dedication of our partners and promote a culture of leadership and continuous improvement. Carrying one is a reminder of our Glad To Be Here mindset—emphasizing gratitude, purpose, passion, and presence in every endeavor.

Celebrate and reinforce the bonds that drive us toward success with a John Foley Inc. challenge coin—a symbol of our partnership and mutual commitment to excellence.Fro